AGV Manufacturers Serving Iowa

Use our thorough list of AGV manufacturers and suppliers in to examine and sort top AGV manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any AGV manufacturers can provide automatic guided vehicles to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach AGV manufacturers through our fast request for quote form is provided as well. This source is right for you whether it's for AGV robots, laser guided vehicles, or any other AGV needs.

Waverly, IA  |  888-363-7337

Doerfer Companies is a leader in custom automated guided vehicles for accurate positioning & delivery of 1,000 to 30,000 lbs. at speeds up to 150 ft/minute. Our complete turnkey AGV systems solve the biggest material handling challenges; they are low-maintenance, built to last and to each client’s needs. We integrate all controls into your existing factory automation system for highest efficiency.

Doerfer Companies $$$

Winsted, MN  |  320-485-4974

Many types, sizes, makes & models of shelving available online at We buy & sell warehouse equipment with the nation's largest inventory of used material handling equipment: over 20 acres! Explore our website & find dealer direct savings on shelving & more types of material handling equipment.

SJF Material Handling Inc. $$$

Waverly, IA  |  877-483-4700

Wheelift Systems Group has the technology for design and manufactuer of custom heavy transporters and agvs. Our Uniload technology is used on automatic guided vehicles, which are involved with heavy-capacity loads (moving presses and machinery) and automated material handling. To find out more information about our company, please visit our website or give us a call today!

Wheelift Systems Group $$$

Companies Serving Near Iowa

Atlanta, GA  |  877-725-7500

Dematic is an engineering company that designs and manufactures various conveyor systems; i.e. Linear Sorters, Circular Sorters, Divert Systems, Dematic Pouch Sortation System, and Garment on Hanger Systems. Our Divert Systems have the capabilities of sorting between 5 - 80 cases per minute. The Dematic Pouch Sortation System will distribute or store flat and/or hanging items, while also limiting unnecessary human contact. Our Garment on Hanger Systems help reduce delivering time, the clothing articles are ready to display, and it helps reduce your Carbon Footprint. Dematic is ISO 9001 certified. For more information call us today!

Dematic North America $$$

Skokie, IL  |  847-329-7717

Elettric80 is the best provider of integrated logistics solutions. We give our customers the best opportunity to optimize their supplies. Contact us today so we can optimize your companies processes too!

Elettric80 $$$

Indianapolis, IN  |  314-432-2224

Since 1952, we have been serving the material handling industry with AGVs. Most of the AGV products we offer have multi-directional movement. Since our automatic guided vehicles can turn quickly, forklifts can be eliminated. We serve the automotive, electronics and apparel industries.

Bastian Solutions $$$

Indianapolis, IN  |  317-856-8600

AGV is more than a set of initials; it stands for automatic guided vehicle. We can manufacture material handling systems, assembly lines and conveyor systems with the inclusion of self guided vehicles for some of the functions. Think of an AGV as a robot, a performer of repetitive tasks.

Hirata Corporation of America $$$

CHELMSFORD, MA  |  978-250-4712

AutoGuide is a leading supplier of high payload autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Our robots are used by organizations of all sizes – across a broad spectrum of industries – to improve operational workflows. Advanced autonomous mobile tuggers and forklifts offer easy deployment, improved safety and increased efficiency of industrial and warehouse material handling. Unlike many players in the industry, AutoGuide’s uniquely modular products are not manufactured as a retrofit kit to an existing piece of equipment, but instead as a standalone platform. This enables us to deliver shorter lead times and faster ROI. Our innovative hardware and software are developed with customers in mind. Everything we invest in is designed to help organizations improve their logistics, with the most-profitable economics. Our enduring commitment to providing superior mobile automation means that with our customers, we’re transforming how the world moves.

AutoGuide Mobile Robots $$$

Orion, MI  |  248-409-2100

AMT creatively solves robotic automation challenges. We provide complete engineered solutions with talented, experienced engineers and NO product or hardware agenda. This allows us to offer a unique and unbiased automation solution that fit your robotic automation needs regardless of size. We offer the AMT Advantage, which separates us from the pack. We have over 25 years as a full-service Automation Solutions Integrator with the unique ability to engage with a manufacturer at any point in their process. "We never intended to be just another automation robotics & engineering firm. Our experience and skill in applying manufacturing technology is unsurpassed in the industry," CEO Mike Jacobs. At AMT, we have successfully built a company of relevant automation robotics technologies under one roof with a depth of knowledge and experience that exists solely to add value to our customers’ performance. With over 25 years’ experience and 5,000+ successfully executed automation projects worldwide, we can bring that same expertise to your company- let us show you how!

Applied Manufacturing Technologies $$$

Warren, MI  |  517-321-7700

In the business since 1958, Eckhart is the best choice for when you seek automation solutions. We offer our clients value-added automated manufacturing tools and machinery, such as AGVs, flexible automation tools, and collaborative robots. We engineer, 3D print, and additive manufacture products for countless industries, from aerospace to entertainment. To make your products as efficient and responsive as possible, we build them using the latest Industry 4.0 trends. We work with you from beyond installation; after installing your system for you, we perform system handoff and comprehensive training.

Eckhart $$$

Shelby Township, MI  |  586-247-2336

Located in Shelby Township, Michigan our company has grown greatly since our beginning in 1984. Our location in Shelby Township is our headquarters but we have locations all around the globe. Fori Automation has grown into a leader in automated guided vehicles and we continue to strive to be one of the most innovative companies in the industry while remaining committed to our customers satisfaction. Our mission as a company is to provide our customers with creative and competitive solutions that will enhance their businesses by adding value through innovative technology in practical ways. Our automated guided vehicles, or AGVs, offer our customers a variety of benefits from moving other equipment to the assembly and even welding of large components. Our machines come with capabilities that range from 2 tons to over 200 tons with the options of automatic, manual or remote control operating. With over 425 installations worldwide you can trust Fori Automation to design, manufacture and deliver a product that will fit your exact specifications and needs. We offer a variety of features based on what you need including heavy payload, tooling fixtures, rail guided vehicles, tooling platforms and more. We understand that our customers’ satisfaction is the number one goal for our company. This is why we are devoted to making sure our products fit our customer’s application before we move on from the design phase of the process. This is why we maintain communication with our customers throughout the process, by maintaining communication we are able to ensure the product you receive is the best possible product for you. Call us today for more information on what we can do for you.

Fori Automation $$$

Northville Township, MI  |  734-656-1400

Productivity improvements are further enhanced with the use of automated guided vehicles. Meiden recognizes this and manufactures several types of AGVs-laser guided vehicles, overhead traveling AGVs, all-directional AGV, low-lift and low-floor types of AGVs.

Meiden America, Inc. $$$

Clinton Township, MI  |  586-268-7700

OmnicO Agv Inc. is one of the leaders of innovation when it comes to automated guided vehicle technology. We understand where these vehicles often fail and we have produced the technology to overcome these deficiencies. We are proud to say our vehicles have a zero turning radius and can move in any direction. Call us today or visit our website for further information.

OmnicO AGV, Inc. $$$

Plymouth, MI  |  734-454-0500

At RedViking, we can solve your biggest engineering challenges. We have more than 30 years of experience designing, building, and implementing highly-engineered manufacturing and test solutions for various markets. Industries and applications we have served include heavy equipment, defense, and aerospace. Our systems are made to increase efficiency, provide greater flexibility, and improve quality. When you choose our services and equipment, you choose the RedViking Advantage. Our solutions can be tailor-made to your production process. Our AGVs have reliable power sources, various navigation options, improved safety features, and are MES/FIS compliant. We also have the expertise to connect, optimize, and implement comprehensive manufacturing information software and integration services for your business. Whether you need to improve one process or create an entirely new one, our team at RedViking has the experience, the dedication, and the knowledge to make sure your business gets the job done. Our commitment to excellence has earned us regular customers that range from small businesses with a single facility to multi-national corporations with locations around the world. We take great pride in the close relationships we have with our clients, and we strive to meet their every need. Are you ready to partner with a world leader? Contact RedViking today!

RedViking $$$

Walker, MI  |  616-791-8540

A manufacturer of AGVs, Savant Automation Inc, offers a full line of AGV options. In addition to supplying state-of-the-art AGVs, we provide AGV requirement analysis, concept and simulation services. Our staff has over 18 years of combined experience. Savant Automaton is ISO 9000 certified. Contact our company today for all of your AGV requirements

Savant Automation, Inc. $$$

Grand Ledge, MI  |  517-371-2460

Roberts Sinto Corp. specializes in finding innovative automated material handling solutions. Our material handling molding lines include the high-pressure molding machine and drag molding machine. We design and manufacture high-quality foundry systems and machinery to increase productivity.

Sinto America, Inc. $$$

BROOK PARK, OH  |  (800)822-2285

Solving Specializes in moving heavy loads, such as large machinery and production assemblies, inside factory operations. Using air bearing and air caster equipment, we float heavy loads on air which allows many loads to be manually maneuvered and others to be power-driven by conventional drive systems.

American Solving, Inc. $$$

Reynoldsburg, OH  |  614-863-1888

Daifuku is a 90 year old company that makes material handling systems. Our systems include AGV systems implemented in three key industries, manufacturing & distribution, automotive and cleanroom. We know one product is not the end all answer, so we work with our customers to provide the complete solution they need! Location is not a factor we are a material handling leader worldwide.

Daifuku America Corporation $$$

Kitchener, ON  |  844-733-6886

Automate your materials movement, boost productivity and transform your facility with the enterprise-trusted OTTO Materials Movement Platform. We make products and decisions every day around our core values. They drive what we build and they drive what we do for our customers. Together, we can automate materials movement.

OTTO Motors $$$

BOISBRIAND, QC  |  450-430-6500

Since 1969 REEL COH Inc. specializes in large capacity, complex and high precision custom design cranes, gantry cranes, hoists, man lifting and special rack and pinion lifting systems for the hydropower, nuclear, aluminum, steel and aeronautic industries. Our field service and construction group will assist you in crane inspections, engineering crane assessments, repairs and installations in all US and Canadian regions. We will handle with success your most complicated and challenging projects.

Reel COH Inc. $$$
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